Helping you with media management and public relations

Looking to position yourself in the public eye, enhance your profile or address a media issue? We will help you effectively convey your message.

Seeking a way to reposition yourself? We offer creative solutions through our 7 Pillars of Strategic Media Planning.


Helping you with your manuscript, from conception to completion

Looking for a book doctor? We will help you transform an idea into a fully realized manuscript.

Want help creating a powerful book proposal? We work with you, so you are ready to pitch your proposal to literary agents and publishers. 

Seeking compelling content for your blog, or company site, as a way to keep clients coming back? We are the wordsmiths who can make that happen.

Helping you with your drafts—and helping you plan for the college application process

Looking for help crafting application essays for colleges, boarding schools or graduate programs? We will help you find your voice and tell your story in a compelling way.

Need help planning for the rigors of the college application process? With our patented 7 Pillars of Strategic College Planning, we prepare you, beginning as early as your freshman year of high school.

Want to improve your interview skills for college admissions? We acclimate you to the process until you are ready to put your best foot forward.

We have helped many students gain admissions to the top colleges, including the Ivy Leagues, and the best boarding schools, such as Choate Rosemary Hall.

We also offer an online college admissions boot camp with a flexible schedule in the summer. It's a five-day program personalized with one-on-one coaching to get you ahead of the process and enhance your prospects of getting into the college of your choice.


Helping you craft corporate messages

Seeking assistance with a corporate presentation, scheduled emails, website content, speech writing or something else?

We help you develop and create the right corporate content to meet your needs.